Electronic Security & Mass Notification Systems


Caltron Security Services Corp. is a full service security systems integrator, our knowledgeable staff with over 96 years of cumulative experience supports all aspects and methodologies in the securitty industry. Our project teams will works with our you from the project inception to completion to ensure that all security objectives are achieved.

Engineering, Design & AutoCAD Services

Perimeter Protection

CSS has vast experience in the engineering and design of security systems. Our expertise includes; network cameras, card access, network intercoms, burglar alarm, perimeter protection, vehicle barriers, turnstiles, high speed gates and gate operators. From a simple drawing mark-up through complete drawing design packages can be provided to meet our clients needs. 

CSS is partnered with Optellios Fiber Patrol, Senstar, SW Microwave and Optex Laser Scan to provide perimeter security solutions for our clients. Our technicians are certified on these systems to ensure proper installation and service.

​​​In addition our technicians are certified to install, terminate, fusion splice and troubleshoot fiber optic cables. This allows our technicians to install these fiber optic based systems without third party assistance, greatly reducing system cost.  

Network Camera Solutions

Turnstiles & Raising Barrier Arms

CSS is partnered with prominent camera manufactures such as Axis, Pelco, Sony, Moog, Panasonic, Scallop and Bosch to provide our clients the correct solution for every environment. Our technicians are certifed on these products to ensure proper installation, setup and integration to third party systems.. In addition we are partnered with CDM Wireless and Comnet to provide wireless solutions when cabling is not a viable option. 

CSS is partnered with Boon Edam, Automatic Systems and Alvarado to provide both optical and full height turnstiles for our clients. In addition CSS is partnered with FAAC, Automatic Systems and Heald Ltd. to provide lifting barrier arms and vehicle blockers to control vehhicle access. 

Access Control & Icom Systems

High Speed Gates & Gate Operators

CSS is partnered with Isonas, Continental Access & Sielox to provide our clients card access solutions from a single reader to enterprise systems. Our experience in this ensures the proper intergration with the door lock hardware and compliance with Life Safety Code 101 and NFPA 725.  
We are also partnered with Commend, Talk-A-Phone and Aiphone to provide our clients IP based Intercom, Emergency Phone, Emergency Broadcast and Paging System solutions.  

​CSS is the NE regional dealer for the V-Mag High Velocity Magnetic Gate Operators.
The V-Mag technology provides unprecedented speed and reliability, without moving drive components, making them the ultimate gate operator for critical infrastructures.
In addition we are the NE regional dealer for the Bavak Speed Gates. The Bavak Seed Gate opens and closes in a few seconds making it the ideal gate for high traffic areas.