Electronic Security & Mass Notification Systems

Extensive Industry Expertise​

Each industry is unique with its own challenges. Some require high degrees of specialized knowledge, such as government regulations and risk-related issues. In order to effectively provide value to our clients, we maintain comprehensive knowledge of the business processes, and operating parameters for each of our industry specializations.

Industry Specializations

  • Banking & Finance
  • Cultural & Fine Arts
  • Data & Technology
  • Education
  • Electric & Gas Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Professional Services
  • Retail 
Parking Control
At CSS we partner with you to engineer parking solutions for campuses, independant parking companies, property managers or any commerical parking needs. We provide solutions for vehicle access, vehicle capasity and security.




We are leaders in the art of of designing high definitation video surveillance systems incorporating  network cameras, video management systems (VMS) and digitally based storage solutions with all the features and functionally required to meet your specific surveillance needs. 
Access control systems allow companies to determine who can go where and when. An audit trail shows the details of who passed through your access control entry and exit devices. Events recorded to a head end computer may be linked to video, paging, or alarm functions. By combining software and hardware, your system can be controlled, queried, or programmed from anywhere on your network or via a secure web browser.
Regardless of the industry, every Command and Control Center serves one overarching purpose: to deliver the big picture so that your staff gains valuable insight and acts upon that information. Whether yours is a command center that pulls in real-time social media data, or tracks IT systems across the enterprise, or enables you to monitor and control asset exploration, our wealth of knowledge, manufacturer partnerships, and experience delivers the environment and experience you require
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